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I was born in late 1984 in the town of Krefeld, Germany. That year came with a particularly cold and snow-laden winter back then, which hasn't been so ever since. My personal opinion is that there will not be another winter just like the one in 1984. Update: I guess I was wrong. The winter of 2009 has been at least just as cold and white.

I've been going through kindergarden, elementary school and secondary education with a kind of ease and ended up at the point, where I had to decide what would come next. My options were many and my choice brave. I chose to go to university and become a physicist. My motivation was the hope and the challenge to be able to understand our world and the universe a little bit better one day.

Current activities

  • Student at TU Darmstadt (Master of Science in Physics)
  • Working at GSI (Atomic Physics Department)

Past collaborations

  • with KVI (Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Groningen)
  • with IJS (Institut Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana)