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"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" - proverb



Since I was 14 years old I play the drums. I began playing at the music school, where we formed a small combo and got together only every other week. Then I went to the USA and received one year of marching band education, which helped me a lot to progress. After that I've been playing in a variety of rock and hard rock bands. My current project is a physicists' cover project, which at the same time serves for some distraction from the studies and a lot of fun, even though we do not have many gigs.

I play either on a Sonor acoustic drumset as well as a Roland TD-10 E-Drumset, while I like the latter better because of its versality and the ability to play it late at night.


I used to play lots of board games, but the price of studying physics is having less time for all the other stuff you once did. In the future I hope that a time will come, when I can shift the priorities again a bit.

Also I like to play video games, even those superficially termed as "Killerspiele". Of course I like to read books as well. There are no such things as "Killerbücher", even though there are some that would most definitely suit the definition. This point weirds me out.