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"Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the corn field." - Dwight Eisenhower

Current work

Currently I am 'unemployed' in the sense, that I am only doing my PhD.

Where I had a great time working


Basically my job at the IKP is generally referred to as "sysOp", which covers all the tasks involved with helping to maintain a network full of Unix computers together with a small group of people. To keep them up and running and supplied with the current software versions. To maintain printers on the network and keep all server functions in order. I've grown into this job since the summer of 2007, when the former "admin" (Kai Lindenberg) announced his retirement from the job. Personally I really enjoy working for the group and serving the computers, squeezing the best out of them. I try to reduce the fuss other members of the group have with managing computer related tasks and help create a sweet working environment.

Several other tasks are very closely related to the "admin" task profile and include active maintenance of the group and institute website. And also means delivering web-based applications for experimental diagnostics.

Furthermore I am frequently writing helper programs that take care of this or that tedious task and make life easier.


The AP (atomic physics) group at GSI is one of the major experimental groups and is made up of a variety of professors, doctors, students and others. I belong to others. My job here is to maintain the Website of the group and update it when necessary. I've done a general overhaul of the site, when I started working on it in mid-2006 and since then it has been the most advanced part of the GSI website. Unintentionally also in this place I have followed in Kai Lindenberg's steps and have found great people to work with and an ever-changing and challenging bubblebath of assignments and creative tinkering.